System Requirments


I am planning on buying a new iMac (2020) but concerned that the video processor requirements on your website indicate NVIDIA and ATI cards seem to be required. This is not an option with the new iMacs which only come with Radeon Pro 5500 XT, Radeon Pro 5700. Do these cards work with VDMX??



Those cards are fine. A Radeon Pro 5500 XT is an “ATI card”. AMD acquired ATI in 2006.

I’m running VDMX on a new MacBook Pro 16" with the AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 4 GB card. Works fine.



You would be better off building a hackintosh. You can build a 20 core machine on an x299 board for about 2.5k. Or you can build a 6 to 8 core on a z470 board for about 1.5k or less depending on the build.



My friend uses VDMX on a hackintosh, but when I show up with a single backpack and laptop (MBP) and he comes with a desk, monitor, keyboard, and big tower – I think he slightly regrets that decision for VJing. I’m sure it’s great with video editing, but all depends on where you spend most your time?



I do all my own video production, not just the VJing, so when I have a gig I take a u-haul, not a backpack. Laptops are great for those simple plug-and-play gigs, but if you want to do video production and live video production you need several rack mounted media servers.



Yep, I understand. A new mac mini would fit in a rack mount chassis. Or a mac pro. Not to talk down on Hackintoshes; I’m all for them, but if you are on the gig and something goes wrong or crashes because of it… Obviously, if you can get all the parts, create a stable system and update nothing, it should be fine. But personally, it’s a risk I can’t afford to take.