Syphon status 2020


I’m still on macOS 10.13.6, for various reasons, one being that I read Syphon isn’t supported in 10.14 and up? Is this still the case, or is there an alternative at this point? I’m running a 2017 15" MacBook Pro: any VDMX specific reasons for or against upgrading my OS would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



I’m running 10.15.7 on a new MacBook Pro 16" and using the Syphon output to feed my output into OBS. No issues that I’ve seen.

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Good to hear, thanks for clearing that up for me

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Same here:

Syphon is not a problem on Catalina



Syphon working fine under Mojave here. I wonder where you read that, because if anything I would think 10.15 and up would be where there could maybe be an issue, since 10.14 is the last macOS version with support for 32bit.

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I can’t remember; possibly on a long time ago when Mojave was in beta? I guess I should step it up at least to Mojave. Also wondering how well Quartz Composer works on these newer OS’s, as I still heavily use that

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Oh, neat. a QC user. :+1: to you for continuing to use it! I loved using it but since I learned they were ‘deprecating’ QC I didn’t delve too deep. As far as I recall Mojave is the last macOS to support QC as well. It’s a shame they dropped it, cuz I think it still has some interesting uses. I’ve been trying to get into Vuo as an alternative but… sometimes trying to get certain things to work just frustrates me.



@mechanic that would make sense as it seems Mojave is the last to support 32 bit applications. I guess that’s as far as I’m upgrading! QC is incredible, and I feel like it was way ahead of it’s time as far as node-based graphics programming goes. I’ve tried Vuo and others, but for me nothing comes close to the live viewport changes like QC can do, especially with 3D mesh rendering. Really makes experimenting fun!

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