Switch between multiple sources possible?

Hello there!

Im new to VDMX so sorry for stupid questions -

I have set up VDMX at a nightclub with a led wall and im planning to have 4 base layers with media-bins, previews and fx and 3 “layout” layers(groups) with multiple mappings to feed them with my base layers. Kind of like the Resolume slice transform (if someone has experience with that). Those options should be available by midicontrol.

Is there any way to achieve this? I thought it should be possible by switching the source via Midi control, but unfortunately its not possible to switch layer sources by command. or am I wrong?

im aware I could build 3 groups for each layer and hide the opacity, but I think my computer won’t survive that amount of workload.

thanks in advance!

you can use advanced full screen output and chop up ur send that way?