Suggestion in Auto Layer

In media bin auto layer could it be possible to add a “random” option ?

You’re talking about the trigger options in media bin, right? Although there is a “Random on Movie End”, I’ve wanted something like that at one point too; simply a random at any given time… Ended up using a Random LFO to do that (and then also had an audio trigger tied to it, so ended up with something more organic anyway).

not the trigger option but the layer where the media is playing
I could use a random LFO on the layer selection but it’s one more LFO/Seq in my set up what I prefer not

but thanks for the suggestion :)

Click on the Media Bin layer dropdown and then the UI Inspector Nav tab. Here you can attach a data source to Choose Random. You might have to use a Control Surface plugin button to act as a bridge to trigger the random layer + random clip at the same time… or a slider marks to offset the triggers. Just did a test with the first option using Clock MeasurePosition as the data source and it works (2 layers + 2 clips):


Thank you
have to make a try