Stream Deck - great controller for VDMX


I might be late to this and maybe all of you have them already, but I haven’t seen anyone mention them here! Fully programmable button controllers with independent graphics pr button:

Just got my second one immediately after testing one, because wow! these are überbrilliant for live performance working VDMX! Particularly for media bins since I can load graphics on all buttons, and trigger scenes without even looking at computer. And can be customized to pretty much everything, MIDI and OSC, and folders within folders for eternal possibilities. I am SUPER happy with these.

And not only for VDMX, can really work with anything on your system, and can follow your active app so adjust your control to which app has focus. I suddenly have lot more realtime control of everything on my system. For sure not for everyone, and I know I sound like an ad, but I was so happy to find these, it simplifies my performances enourmously, I bet some of you also will be happy to know about these.

Would be super awesome with VDMX integration like a realtime media bin connection (autopopulate deck pages from media bin pages) but I’d rather team Vidvox work on more pressing issues ;)

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These boxes are great little units to have around. The official software and community plugins have gotten very competent since release.

Highly recommend taking a further look at the Bitfocus Companion alternative software, which has specific plugins for various lighting consoles, sound boards, QLab, PJLink, ATEM… and generic protocols like OSC (naturally), Art-Net, and so on.

For kicks you can also run Companion on a Raspberry Pi 4.

I build far fewer button boxes than I used to since this came out. A while back I had Resolume sending the clip name strings to the buttons, but it wasn’t particularly reliable and I’ve since forgotten what voodoo made it work.