Strange UI behaviour b0. and 12.2.1 on M1


Somehow my fx stack seems to stick in the UI even after resetting the entire chain, i’ve made a quick video to clarify. The FX are already not functional anymore, but a clearly in the UI. I also tried rescaling UI elements, but they just stay there in their original size.

I’ve tried both rosetta and default. Both have exactly the same issue.



I’ve noticed that happening for me on older versions of VDMX on M1, but strangely it went away. Sometimes it happens when switching templates too. Not sure what’s causing it on my end, but I’ll log it into the bug reports. Can you keep this video link live, so I can share it with the team?




I will keep it live! no worries. I’d really like this solved, because strangely for me it happens continuosly and it really confuses and slows down setup. I don’t even dare to go live with these kinda bugs. And i have a show in 2 weeks…