Strange issue

I have a kind of media player preset. It worked kind of but now i’m on a new computer and have strange issue.
I have 19 mediabin, each one is different page and go to different layer. The first trigger with osc, the other trigger by index on the mediabin1.
It seem that i have a limit. Only 8 mediabin trigger albeit they all linked to the first. Also, the first trigger but don’t show the clip. It is like there is a limit on layer and trigger.
Anyone know if there is a limit ?

There isn’t any technical limit – can you send us a bug report from the Help menu so we can get a better look at what you are trying to accomplish? Or if you can send us a set of simple steps we can follow to recreate the problem from a new project that would also be great.

As a side note, if you are using movie files here, you probably want to use HAP encoded media for that many media files playing concurrently, if you aren’t already.

Hello thank’s for the answer,
actually, strangely i end up making the whole project (preset) from scratch again and it work directly.
So i had problem with copying it.
It worked in my laptop, then i copy it into an hackitosh and it didn’t worked. I made it again from zero on the hackintosh and then it worked.
I’m thinking it may be an hackintosh problem, strangely. It seem to work but if i put 2 GPU some app like resolve recognize them and use them rightfully but VDMX only see one of them, and it is described as a “radeon prototype”. If i use one GPU it work fine, if i put 2 ones, even only one media (everything is hap) is shaggy. With one i can trigger much more together.
Maybe, even probably it is an hackintosh problem as with the laptop it work better albeit it is an old one.
VDMX see a 580 radeon.
I wish i could just reinstall everything but i’m quiet afraid of the licence as one computer is in my laptop, one other is the hackintosh and the third i really wish to keep it free in case of emergency.