Im looking to track multiple videos to one instrumental track for multiple simultanious projections and triggered start time.

HOWEVER, using the “Normalize Time” feature I see major glitches and delays in the videos made ‘slave’ to the start time of the primary video.

Doesn’t anyone now how to start multiple videos and an audio track simultaneously? Without delays or glitches in the videos?

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How about creating a control surface button that triggers all the elements.
Selecting the preload option for the media bin might help.
Also wonder if driving everything from external time code might be the solution.

Hey Roman,

What codec are you using for your video clips?

If you are trying to scrub through h.264 (or some other mp4 type media) you are probably going to have a bad time. In this case I’d suggest converting your media to HAP or PhotoJPEG.
(beyond that, if you are having weird glitches or delays, please send us a bug report from the Help menu!)