Staring VDMX stops OSC working in other app (AtemOSC)


Hey there, troubles with AtemOSC and VDMX.

I’m using AtemOSC, a tiny app to remote control a Blackmagic Atem Mini on one computer (MBPR Mojave) running Ableton Live, Osculator and AtemOSC. This works fine by itself.

The sequenced Atem Mini HDMI signal is then grabbed into VDMX on a second computer (MBPR Mojave). This also works fine when up and running.

However, everytime I launch VDMX on this second computer (or even a third computer), AtemOSC immediately stops working. The app still shows connection to the device as online, the log shows nothing wrong, it just… stops working, OSC messages never arrive, nothing more happens in the log.

Restarting the AtemOSC app (quit, launch) solves the situation temporarily. So generally I’ve figured the startup sequence is VDMX first, then AtemOSC, but this is a hack, and I’m worried there are deeper problems waiting. Anyone got any idea why this would happen? Does VDMX do some OSC network thing upon start, does it “grab” the ports from AtemOSC, can I disable this, perhaps a preference I haven’t caught on to? Or have I misunderstood OSC somehow.

I’m not using VDMX or any other app for any other OSC traffic. The Live -> Osculator -> AtemOSC -> Atem device is the only OSC activity on the network.

Happy to hear thoughts or other experiences.



Hi there
I’ve used atemosc and vdmx on the same computer and different in the same network without issues. Both systems running Mojave.
Could be a port problem. Which ports are out/input on Atem, vdmx, osculator?
Does it work if you turn off WiFi and network on the vdmx machine?
Hope it works out!



Hi, that is very interesting and promising that you have it working, thank you for replying.

Ports used on AtemOSC are 3333 in 4444 out, same in OSculator. In VDMX I am not actively using any OSC, but attached what ports each apps lists in use, seems like VDMX creates a port 1234 on its own. It lists the 3333 and 4444 ports as Output ports. These disappear when I close AtemOSC and Osculator respectively.

I tried on all machines, including the local one after learning that you could make it work also locally. Whenever I launch VDMX, on any machine on the same network, within 1 second, AtemOSC stops working. I turned of WIFI on the separate VDMX machine, and relaunched VDMX, then I had no problem of course, VDMX loaded, and AtemOSC kept working. But the very moment I turned on WIFI on this machine again, AtemOSC stopped responding.

Once I restart AtemOSC, it runs fine for hours. It is only the bootup of VDMX that glitches. So it’s not a showstopper, but would like to either solve this or report a bug.

All apps + Mojave latest version.