Source layer as group layer input : rescale issue


I’m working on this set up, 4 groups layers going to the master canvas
Each groups of layers has 2 layers.
I feed one layer of the group layer 2 with group layer 4
But when I’m doing that the recopy is scaled at around 60% of the layer.
Any idea ?



if you share the project file I can help.

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Thank you
send it to you by mail !

so I found my mistake,
my group layer and layer wasn’t in the right size, all was in 1920 x 1080 which was working but not for the layer input.
e.g : the layer 4 is the 282 x 688 so is the group layer and same in the master output

So I’m back with the problem of rescale issue.
Though I solved but not in fact. I have test different solution in my shaders declaration, but still have this weird result.
If someone can check or have an idea what I should change it would be really appreciate !! :pray:
This problem is drive my crazy for hours now ahah

here is the project and a simple circle shader (43.4 KB)

So if in my shader I declare the size of my layer (288., 688.) I have my perfect circle.
I think there’s a conflict between the main canvas and the layer, the shader look to the size of the canvas instead of the size of the layer.
If you set the size of your layer the shader has the good dimension, but every time you trig a shader the layer size go back to the canvas size. (we could locked the size of the layer).
The layer size should be inherit from the group layer I think. or at least we could have this option to locked it.

I’m feeling a bit alone on this problem. :confused:

in Files tab of Workspace Inspector select the shaders to bring up the FIle Inspector sub-menu. In the Source tab uncheck Render Size (<Use Layer Setting). Now when those shaders load they will use the current layer size.



This is by far the best solution I checked, at this time I was implementing the layer size in the ISF code.
Thank you ! :slight_smile: