Solution for audio files

Sharing this here, hopefully someone else can get benefits from it.
Recently I was thinking about a way I could build out a mixing station using VDMX, 4 layers, Left and Right groups containing 2 additional inputs. Then a big mix for the main left and right.
After setting it all up I realised VDMX only supports video files so if I wanted to mix audio in one of my channels I needed to use either loopback audio or use some external app to play the audio and create it as an input. Well I found a better solution.
Now I can mix audio and video together without leaving vdmx.
You need ffmpeg installed.
Then the following command will convert all mp3’s in a folder into mp4 files containing video of the waveform.
Make sure you create a specific folder for the job and pull in all the mp3’s or audio files you want to convert.

Convert all mp3s in a folder into visual waveform videos, make sure folder only contains .mp3
Then open up terminal.
cd into the directory
and run the following
for FILE in *; do ffmpeg -i $FILE -filter_complex β€œ[0:a]showwaves=s=1280x720:mode=line:rate=25,format=yuv420p[v]” -map β€œ[v]” -map 0:a β€œ$FILE”.mp4; done

After a while you should now have a folder of mp4 files ready to use in your mixes complete with visualizer.