Simple playlist with crossfade

Hello everyone , any suggested tip for building a simple automate playlist of clips with a crossfade transition ?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

A media bin with the skip active clips option ticked, a two channel mixer on auto-fading and the two layers in cycle-mode is a good starting point.Playlist sketch (24.3 KB)

Thanks fRed for your answer. This is indeed what I have been implementing so far as wflow hooking triggering to a cued playlist with cue plugin. Still Iā€™m experiencing some freezing when I launch preset, so I was wondering if anyone had different approach. Trying to track possible issues as comp is kind of complicated, since is an installation with some routing to Kinect on autorunning . I assume some far that problem could be media bin loading issues ( maybe relying on poor 8 GB ram); it could be something else in the conflict, so Iā€™m looking for solutions to optimize. Thanks for your kind contribution , I appreciate :wink:

I presume you have pre load selected for the media bin.