Shadertoy to ISF


Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows the workaround converting shardertoy shades and alike into ISF to use in VDMX?

I am using Catalina at the moment, the ISF editor doesn’t convert and I found an online converter but also doesn’t work.

Other wise can anyone recommend where to find shaders to import into VDMX?

Thank you so much everyone,



Hi, which version of ISF Editor are you using? Mac or PC?




I am using ISF 2.9.14 in Mac OS Catalina.

Is there alternatives besides Shadertoy, Sandbox of shader files that can be used in vdmx with access to controls inside vdmx?
I am a newbie here and truly appreciate everyones help.

I don’t mind purchasing this tools if need too.

Thank you so much to everyone!




Hi nuno,

It depends on which shaders you are trying to import. Many shaders on shader toy will not simply convert into ISF shaders. You’ll have to do a bit of coding to update them. Additionally, adding variables, sliders, buttons, toggles, inputs, etc, is a manual process which the ISF Editor import feature cannot do.

If you’re curious about shaders, there’s a great wealth of information in the ISF shader documents:

You may also want to take a deep dive into the book of shaders to better understand shaders in general:

It’s going to be more work than plug-in play FX. And you also have to take into account, that the people who uploaded their shaders to shadertoy or sandbox may have spent hours, days, or even weeks in writing those shaders. Make sure to keep and check their credits written in the top of their code and abide by their terms, as well as, give credit where credit is due.