Setting up a local network for GyrOSC on iPhone, how?

Hello all
I want to make my new set-up with using my iPhone’s gyrometer with the app GyrOSC roadworthy. However, many venues does not have stable Wi-Fi access, if at all. This means being I need to be able to get my iPhone to want to stay connected with an Ad-Hoc network on MacOS Monterey, but with a static IP with only local network. I can set up a static IP network, but the iPhone does not want to connect to the MBP (makes sense, since it’s only pumping out a local IP). Any ideas on how to make it work?

I always travel with my own Wi-Fi router:

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cool ,thank you - but how do your force an iPhone to want to join a wifi network that only has a local network IP?

Not sure about iPhone, but with Android there’s a setting to not auto-switch networks when it doesn’t detect “internet.” There should be a way to turn off auto network switching with an iOS device.

Good point, thank you. However, I went another route that others may benefit from. Found the site midimittr - MIDI connectivity on iOS and OSX, for both bluetooth and lightning-cable connectivity,and combined the new connection option with the free app midimo on the app store. I now have near zero latency pitch/roll/yaw on my iPhone, fantastic for flying into video feedback.

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