Separate audio from Ableton to VDMX?


Hello there,

I want to send separate audio channels from Ableton Live to VDMX. I’m sending separate sounds from Live using Loopback and it works as expected when I send it to Cubase.

But when I try to choose separate channels in the Audio Analysis in VDMX, all I hear is channel 1/2 (stereo pair) from Ableton no matter which of the eight channels I select in the dropdown of the Audio Analysis. What am I doing wrong? Did anyone of you guys ever manage to send separate audio channels from Ableton to VDMX?

My system:

OSX High Sierra (Mojave on my laptop where I’ve also tried this but failed)

Ableton Live 11


Loopback 2.2.5

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Did you ever figure this out? Because I have no issues between loopback, Ableton, and VDMX whatsoever.

If you need any more info reply and I’ll give explain how I route it (as the post is a bit old)

I had issues myself with loopback but it was my routing, not the software.



Hello there,

No, I never figured it out. Tried today as well, both on my Intel Mac and on my new M1 Mac.
Any idea how to get this to work would be fantastic!

I recorded something today where the left channel affects some parameters and the right some other.
Would be FANTASTIC to have separate channels in Ableton controlling stuff in VDMX.

This is from today:



I take a look at my routings tonight and try to get some screenshots and info together.



Try this. Go to loopback. Make a new virtual device. Name it ABLETON OUT (or whatever but I find this helps visibility). Add your output device(S) in the monitor column.

Add some output channels.
Add a Pass-Thru

In Ableton preferences, audio tab, you should be able to change your Audio Output Device now to ABLETON OUT.
Click output config underneath, and select all the buttons (Which are the channels you created in loopback).

Now back in session view, pick the track you want to send to VDMX. Change the audio out pulldown to Ext.Out. Now the pull down under it should be active, letting you pick the channels that Track will send to. At this point they should show up in VDMX.

I’ll still try and get you some screenshots but give the instructions a whirl. This is also how I kinda trick Ableton into giving me more inputs without a supported hardware interface. If you can get this running from here you’ll probably get how Loopback works to get more inputs into Ableton.

Lastly, my input device in Ableton is also made in loopback. I call it STREAM LOOP, and I run all my apps audio through that in separate channels so I can pick them individually in Ableton. That includes system mic inputs, camera mics; thus the extra inputs secret I was yammering about.

Hope to hear and see great results and I’ll do my best to assist you further if this doesn’t help get you there

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this is useful information



Oh, thank you so much! Strange, I’ve done exactly this (but apparently not) before but didn’t get it to work.
It works fine now though so again - thanks a lot!