Separate audio from Ableton to VDMX?


Hello there,

I want to send separate audio channels from Ableton Live to VDMX. I’m sending separate sounds from Live using Loopback and it works as expected when I send it to Cubase.

But when I try to choose separate channels in the Audio Analysis in VDMX, all I hear is channel 1/2 (stereo pair) from Ableton no matter which of the eight channels I select in the dropdown of the Audio Analysis. What am I doing wrong? Did anyone of you guys ever manage to send separate audio channels from Ableton to VDMX?

My system:

OSX High Sierra (Mojave on my laptop where I’ve also tried this but failed)

Ableton Live 11


Loopback 2.2.5

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Did you ever figure this out? Because I have no issues between loopback, Ableton, and VDMX whatsoever.

If you need any more info reply and I’ll give explain how I route it (as the post is a bit old)

I had issues myself with loopback but it was my routing, not the software.