Sending VDMX output into another computer's OBS

Hi there,
I’ve been using VDMX for a while and I know there’s an syphon output function that can route to OBS. I was wondering is there actually a way to send it over on the network which I can feed off the video on another computer? I’ve tried doing both OBS and VDMX on the latest MacBook Pro but it throttles really badly so I was wondering I could split the work with the use of another desktop.

I just want to find a way to be able to send the video output to another computer. The ATEM Mini seemed like a solution but it’s sold out almost everywhere so I’m unsure what else can I do…

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You might be able to do this using NDI, which is very low latency and won’t require you to buy any expensive new hardware!
(though we do recommend doing this over Gigabit Ethernet for best results!)

  1. Within VDMX on the first machine use the NDI Output plugin to publish your video streams,
  2. On the second machine either use VDMX, or the free NDI Syphon tool, to receive the stream. (
  3. Use the Syphon input in OBS to publish the stream to the net as usual (

Hope that helps – let us know how it goes!

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There is also an NDI plugin for OBS