Selecting Midi Channels within VDMX, VUO and midi detect problems


Hi Im working on a fun project visualising data from weather data and plants via slightly random live streams of midi. Using version 8.8 with Monterey I seem to be getting very unreliable midi detection-- sometimes VDMX detects midi values from external devices and IAC sometimes not. Whereas using the preferences dedicated midi and then applying these to control surface slider/buttons has reliable result. NOT sure if something is not working or if its me! ALSO in order to be able to better select device and midi channel for different control data sources within VDMX I was trying to make a VUO composition/plug in or ffgl none of which are working and cause VDMX to crash… just asking in case anyone else has experience, answers or can guess any of my dumb mistakes… just for interest here is a test experiment render getting live and pre-recorded midi and sound affecting properties of multiple generative layers in Vdmx. thanks for reading, Paul

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One gotcha on Vuo FFGL plugins. Don’t rename the exported app as the file name is embedded in a plist, renaming will break the plugin.



If you run protokol are you seeing any duplicate values?

You could also try something like Osculator to handle the various inputs and reroute them however you’d like. It’s hard to say what is causing your issue, but Protokol is great for diagnosing (with time stamps) vs the comm monitor.

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Thanks I will try the Hexler utility. Have tried midi monitor and midi channels and notes are all coming in fine but VDMX midi detect most often not registering any signal regardless of which keyboard or midi device is sending the signal - cant figure out what Im doing wrong or what is or isn’t working here? ( whereas with “dedicated midi” saved midi notes and applied to slider in control surface still receiving midi notes and control values regardless of which keyboard or midi device is sending the signal… ) thanks again Paul