Sampling RGB values for a collection of pixel locations within a clip view?

I’m looking to have a 2D LED surface respond to DMX output from VDMX, driven by an interaction of simple media clips effected by audio reactivity and high-level manual control.

The LED surface has a maximum of 128 individual LEDs, individually addressed, with 3 channels for each LED.

I’d like to assign these to respond to the changing RGB values at particular points within the frame of a 2D media player.

I understand how to do the controller mapping and DMX assignments, but I’m not clear on how one might access these RGB values, assuming it’s possible.


Are you using the Video to DMX plugin?

I am now !
Thank you for the tip, I hadn’t seen it before.
It looks like it’ll do everything I need, and with a much simpler set up than I had imagined.

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