Rutt Etra displacement

Hey guys, new here.

I’ve seen videos of people getting great effects with the Rutt Etra displacement, they turn on the Facetime cam ( I can do that, works no problem ) and select Rutt Etra effect and they’re off. I just get a blank screen.

Any ideas why?


A few notes:

  1. To use the Rutt Etra effects, you’ll need to run the extra v002 installer in the Extras folder on our dmg.
  2. There are a few variations of the RE FX included – the ‘displacement’ version is a little more advanced, as it allows you to specify a custom displacement map input – the basic Rutt Etra just uses the luma level of the image for the displacement amount.
  3. Here is a recent tutorial you may want to check out:
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Thanks David, works no problem now. Nice effect.

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