Rutt Etra Black Screen


Hey using lastest version of VDMX, when i try the rutt etra effect i just get a black screen. Checked forums tried running the extras installer and this didnt fix it. Im on new MBP on Monterey.



This could be because Rutt Etra is a Quartz Composer effect and I don’t think QC works at all on an M1 Mac with Monteray. The installers don’t exist for it so I don’t see how Rutt Etra would work, perhaps someone else can confirm this tho.

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If you want to use Rutt Etra now, you’ll have to run VDMX under Rosetta 2. You can right click on the application, get info, and tell your computer to use Rosetta 2 until there’s a Apple Silicon native version of Rutt Etra



super fast and helpful as always thank you

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just one more quick question
is there any downside to running on Rossetta 2?



I’d say there are a number of performance buffs that you lose out on as well as some bug fixed that were addressed in M1 macs.

If it runs fine for you, I’d say go for it. Rutt Etra was created by vade, so you’ll have to make it Apple Silicon native:

Feel free to thank vade for all their contributions!



TY VADEGOD :raised_hands:



The Rutt Etra effect (all praise Vade) really bogs down my M1 Mac Mini under Rosetta. Hopefully someone updates it for use on new machines.