Richard J O'Callaghan (aka ric oca ) says hi

hello anyone/everyone I am as above , I am studying for a BA in Fine Art/Film @ Norwich University of the Arts and have been knocking around for a while . I was in London in the early -mid 80’s feasting on all
the wonderful goings on during that time . I returned to Norwich to do the marriage/kids thang whilst still doing art/music . I have been in a few bands which was ok but not particular where my ‘heart’ was . I have a couple of Vimeo sites (this being one ) and too many other social media platforms to mention! I seem to be somewhere between composing/film making and VJ ing/VA ing which is fine for the moment . I am enjoying getting to know VDMX having explored just about every DAW/vid editing prog/image capture device known to mankind . I hope to get to know this site a bit and generally stick around here for a while :star_struck: