Retrieve audio from musician via Internet


Curious if anyone has connected with musicians over the internet for live streaming? I want to be able to have a musician send me there video / audio steam remotely so I can pull into VDMX. Also, MIDI remotely would be great to have as well. Any ideas?

  • Syphon / Spout - seems to be an option only over local network only
  • NDI Cloud?
  • VLC / OBS connection?
  • Gstreamer?

Any ideas solutions would love to understand this.



for audio i’m use
very satisfied, almost without delays. in the free version, you can only use two channels. in the paid version, you can use many virtual devices (as it is written on the site). For example, one channel drums, the second channel synths, the third channel guitar, etc.

I also use cleanfeed to remotely edit the video from macos(remote) to macos(local).



I’m working on a live show with students using AudioMovers Listento plugin. They put the Plugin in their DAW, I get a URL with an audio player and predictable latency. Since the audio player plays through system sound, I use that as an input for Audio Analysis.

It would be awesome to use a VST as input, since Listendo has a receiver plugin as well.