Reset Layer Size to Default

Hi all,
a similar question was asked in 2007 “VDMX Forums • View topic - reset default values, plus triggering question” but there seemed to be no solution at the time, only workarounds like creating a parameter preset or “interesting point”…

Is there a way to reset the Size and Position of a layer to the default values? Similar to the reset in Quad mode i want to do this in Rect mode.

I don´t find an option for this in the interface, is there maybe a hidden osc command i can use?

I attatched a screenshot of my setup so you can see why this is important to me.
I use 8 Layers with lots of parameter bindings. A control surface module is used to “focus” the layer i am controlling. When you select a layer in the control surface module, the Layer SRC, Comp, FX, Preview and Mediabin windows are set to the correct window tab.

So If i do crazy things during a show (see screenshot bottom right-canvas with messed up layer positions) it is hard to reset the Layer to its original size.
Unfortunately in this setup I can’t just delete the layer and recreate it because all the parameter bindings would be lost.

Thanks for your input on this.
And Congrats on the 1.0 release! Can’t wait for 6 :)

You could bind the reset (under Layer Composition settings > Size & Pos > Quad) and bind them all to a single button, or action. From there, it should reset them all at the same time (to fill up the size of the frame).

Or if you need more specific mapping (such as images in 3rds, or split screen, you can make presets in the layer composition and it will remember the layer position).

Screenshot 2024-07-11 at 8.15.52 AM

Hi, thanks
I am looking for an option to reset position and size in Rect Mode, not in Quad mode.
I know about creating parameter presets and using them for this “workaround”…
thanks for your answer. it seems i am looking for something that is probably not possible…

If the point is to reset your composition to fill the frame. For example, X position 0, Y position 0, Height and Width at 1.00 under the rect. Then you could simply make a layer preset that restores those values before you freely adjust your layer. That would “reset” the rectangle.

Screenshot 2024-07-11 at 4.22.52 PM

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this approach works when using a 16/9 canvas and 16/9 layers.
my issue with this approach is that X=0, Y=0, Height/Width= 1.00 doesn’t put my layer in the center if working with a widescreen canvas aspect ratio like 32/9.
The Values X=0, Y=0, Height/Width= 1.00 instead put the layer at bottom left of the canvas.
when you create a fresh layer from the workspace inspector, it is placed in the middle of the canvas and the X value is showing the correct pixel value (not 0)…

Lets see if this works:

Create a control surface with a button.
On each layer, individually for pos x/y and size w/h, press the slider, go to preset tab and press “+” to create a preset.
Make sure the value of the slider is at center/zero, and hit “update preset”.
Now choose the button to trigger the preset.
Do this for each slider.

Now you can either create a button for each slider to reset them, or play with the presets for the button to sync the button to individual layers.

thanks for your answer. I think you misunderstood.
I am aware that I can create a parameter preset that sets my x y and width to 0 and then control that by a button in the control surface plugin.
the problem is the fact that the canvas coordinate space is not using x0 and y0 as the center.
instead 0,0 begins at the bottom left of the canvas.
So when I use a canvas that is wider than 16/9, and I use a parameter preset (x0,y0) to “reset” layer positions to 0, my layer is not centered in the middle of the canvas.
if I delete a layer and create a new layer, it would be centred in the middle of the canvas. The position x value would not show 0 because 0 is not the correct value because the canvas coordinate space has 0,0 at bottom left.

Can’t you do the same thing but with the coordinates you use?

Edit: I get what you mean now, trying out some things.

Try something like this:

When you trigger the clip it will reset the values you choose.

that’s cool and all but I do not want to set x y position to 0 or any other specific value.

I want to reset these parameters to a value based on the canvas coordinate system to achieve a centred layer. like when you delete and recreate a layer.

I can’t just set the Layer to x0,y0 nor any other specific values as these values are different every time the canvas size changes.

I think you missed that that’s what it does, the latest I suggested.
It is not set to any value, just make sure to uncheck the “remember attribute changes made on layers”.
Then it will reset that specific file to its normal pos/size when you trigger the file.

Thanks nikoniko for trying to help.

unfortunately it will not…
Instead this will set the layer that the media is triggered on to the x position value, specified by that slider value.

even if this approach did “reset” any parameters instead of “setting” parameters, this is not what I am looking for. I don’t want to set or reset size parameters every time a clip triggers.

I simply need a way of resetting a Layer in Rect Mode to the default centered values based on canvas size.
it seems this should be possible but it is not. the only way is to delete the layer and recreate it.
But then all Layer bindings are gone.
I think we can leave it at: Not possible. I hope this is something that can be implemented in the future.

But just to clarify, when you do the settings in the UI inspector as my last picture, the value 0 is based on the file size, but I get your point.

Just on top of my head I got this idea.

Make a control surface with sliders corresponding to the x/y and w/h.
Change the settings of each slider to mach one format (for example 1280x720).

Now duplicate this control surface and change it to another format.

Now you can sync the layers pos/size sliders to each corresponding control surface.


Im trying to understand how your setup is.
Will one layer have the same sizes of clips and another layer another size?
Or will one layer have different clips with different sizes?

Edit3: (sorry low quality)

Screen Recording 2024-07-14 at is available for download (the video in a zip file)

Here is the project file


Okay, I’m still confused by your response. 0,0 is normalized values. If you are using a strange aspect ratio, lets say your values need to be 1224, 5454 to “reset” everything back to normal, then why wouldn’t you just create a preset with those values, call it reset, and be done with it?

What ever your “reset” looks like in the rect adjustments, then make that a preset for that layer. Copy / paste it to the other layers and your layer preset will trigger that adjustment.

If you are in a strange space where your layer sizes are different from your main canvas, then this 0,0 or “reset / default” values may be different in the preset for each layer, but still using a preset and triggering it will adjust your layers individually or all at the same time like you requested in your original post.

Am I missing something here?

Maybe you could capture a screen recording to show us why this “isn’t” a method that works for you and we can see what you are doing?

x0y0 is not always normalised values.
Please take a look at my screenshots above.

You can see that for a 1920/480 canvas, the freshly reset centred layer values are x 533.33 and y 0.00.
On a 1920/720 canvas the centred layer positions after creating a fresh layer are x 320.00 y 0.00.
If your canvas was 16/9 aspect ratio, x0 y0 are the correct values for a centred look of the layer.

So layers are anchored at the bottom left (not from the middle) and the canvas coordinate system has 0,0 at bottom left.

If you delete a layer and create it new, it is actually centred.
x and y parameters will be based on canvas aspect ratio.
Creating a new layer puts it in the correct centred position no matter the canvas size aspect ratio. (that is what you see on my screenshots 2 and 3)

So what I want is to properly reset these xy parameters to a correct value based on the canvas coordinate system to achieve a centred layer.

“then why wouldn’t you just create a preset with those values, call it reset, and be done with it?”

Stages and Led Setups change. Sometimes a wide stage is built a bit smaller or wider depending on location space. With touring setups, this is something you do not know in advance.
I would like to create a show that I can use on different led screens without the need of making new parameter presets every time the stage size changes.

also in my opinion it doesn’t make sense to create “reset” parameter preset for something that doesn’t achieve the desired functionality.
A parameter preset can’t mathematically take into account the canvas size in order to achieve what I want.

I am grateful to you for trying to find a solution.
I am not looking for any workaround and am happy to leave things at “not possible”.

I hope I was able to show why “reset” is not the same as “set parameters” in this case.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Sorry to have created this long post before.

I now realise that the parameter presets do not set the x y parameters to “fixed values”.
They in fact are based on canvas size.

I created a “reset” parameter preset as you suggested at x0y0 on a 16/9 canvas. (1920x1080)
And then I change the canvas to a wider aspect ratio (1920x720) and then recall “reset” preset.
The values are not set to values x0y0 but to the correct centred values (x 320, y0) based on canvas aspect ratio.

Exactly what I was looking for.
I don´t know how I overlooked this but your suggested approach works for me now.
Thank you for your support!

Glad you are able to work it out, but I’m still confused.

If you are working with different size LED screens (even every night), you’d only have to update the layer size center on your preset once per layer per event, same as updating the main canvas to your new resolution.

If you have 8 layers, that’s updating the layer preset 8 times when you first open the project and then you’re good to go. I don’t understand how that is “not possible.”

If you want to share a video that explains as this as a submission for a feature request (for Rect reset), then that will help us share it with the team.

Hi I am experiencing some wonkiness with this approach so I made a screen recording showing some issues.

I do still think that “Rect reset” would be a useful feature and I would love to submit it as a feature request.