Requesting help getting APC Mini buttons to lightup in custom workspace, please help!

I am requesting help with a controller setup. I have created a custom workspace and have just about everything in place. I am having a horrible time getting the APC mini’s buttons to light up to indicate if its an Empty space, a Ready to play clip, or a playing clip. I have read over a few things, but am still unable to get the lights working. At this point, there are some buttons that light up when others are pressed and the light will not change or turn off. I am completely lost and unsure of what I have changed in order to go back and start fresh.

Is anyone able to provide me with a workflow in steps that will take me from beginning to end of getting this functionality to work on a button? I am sure I can handle the rest from there.

I do know there are templates available, but I am concentrating on learning how to build my own workspaces for my needs. Pre-made template would really only treat the symptom for me.

Super grateful for any and all help I can get with this!

I am now sorted! Newb mistakes FTL, but we learn and move forward.

End result: I had based my setup on the Control Surface plugin. I was creating a button there for each button on the APC and then mapping the buttons one to one. None of that was needed. I just needed to hit Detect in the triggers tab of the media bin and hit the corresponding button on the APC. This auto-loaded the correct trigger and response.

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Keep up the great work