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Hi Everyone !
I’m looking to someone who can create for me an shaders for a track I did (Akira’s OST Tribute : 21 minutes)
Please help me it’s really important :pray::pray::pray:
I have the idea of what I want but no time to do it and not the knowledge too.
DM for more info

exemple of what I want :

Thanks a lot





So one suggestion would be to check out some of these sites, and perhaps you can find someone who created something similar that you could contact about making a special version for yourself. Alternatively you may find some examples that are open source which might be good starting points for a GLSL coder that you work with.



yes this is what I’m looking for … found one which is pretty cool.
Now waiting for someone to help me by riginosk. Sphere blob"



That one was a pretty easy adaptation to get working in VDMX; had to make a minor tweak or two to add in alpha channel support (the original just made the alpha 1.0 everywhere).

It’d be cool to add some more controls for eg the color, size and rate of the blob, cool shader! (2.7 KB)

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It’s not my day ahah ^^



oops, here ya go (260.5 KB)



Found this one too which is pretty cool
found the way to adapt it for vdmx :) (67.9 KB)

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Btw I found the rate and size
But for color … I know it’s somewhere inside this part but …

mat2 mm2(in float a){float c = cos(a), s = sin(a);return mat2(c,-s,s,c);}
float noise( in float x ){return IMG_PIXEL(iChannel0, vec2(x*.01,1.),0.0).x;}

float hash( float n ){return fract(sin(n)*43758.5453);}

//iq’s ubiquitous 3d noise
float noise(in vec3 p)
vec3 ip = floor§;
vec3 f = fract§;
f = ff(spherediv-spheredivv*f);

vec2 uv = (ip.xy+vec2(37.0,17.0)*ip.z) + f.xy;
vec2 rg = IMG_PIXEL( iChannel0, (uv+ 0.5)/256.0, 0.0 ).yx;
return mix(rg.x, rg.y, f.z);


mat3 m3 = mat3( 0.00, 0.80, 0.60,
-0.80, 0.36, -0.48,
-0.60, -0.48, 0.64 )

And do you think it’s possible to add a second sphere inside the first one ? (261.8 KB)



Ok I found how to add a second sphere and change color
Now all I need is too buy a new cpu ^^’



No I did what I could with the one I have ^^