Repair video recording that was never stopped

Hey wondering if there’s a way to fix a .mov file that was recorded in VDMX via the video recorder plugin (.h264/aac), but that was never ‘stopped’ because of a power failure. I’m left with a 2gb .mov file that no software seems to be able to open. Anybody know of a way to possibly this? Has happened more than I’d like to admit. Thanks for any advice!

Maybe try MPEG Streamclip? Or run some FFMPEG commands and see if it can fix the video?

I’ve had similar issues - though from vdmx crashing. unfortunately im not recalling any good solutions. Think using qt 7 on an older machine was my solve. mpeg sreamclip (also on older machine since it is 32bit app like qt7 and no longer will run on newer mac os) - might also work.

maybe ffworks/ffmpeg on newer os? though I want to say that also doesnt really work.

I have switched to using
If vdmx crashes the recordings are still useable. not sure about your power issues.

sounds like a UPS would be good investment?

(apc might not be available outside the us, but there are other manufacturers)

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If you use Adobe After Effects, you might try dragging the file into a composition and re-exporting it. This has worked for me before on corrupted video files. The re-export will probably take awhile, though. You also won’t be able to recover audio.

tried, no dice. thank you though.

What codec are you recording in? H.264 is less forgiving than other codecs.

think my situation was different from the OP, i was recording in prores422

since moving from the recorder in vdmx to syphon recorder, its mostly been non issue.