Recording Indicator

I have an older client who loses track of which output/layer she’s recording. I would just use a control surface plugin but our screen real estate is completely used up, and client is averse to changing it up.
Any ideas on how to get the UI to indicate when the recorder is running?

You could make a custom UI button that lights up when the record button is enabled. Other then, that, I’m not sure why your client can’t look at the video record button (that would be red) and see if it is red or not.

The UI is all preview windows and media bins, so the video recorder is not visible. My workaround right now is to make a hidden layer that displays a text that says ‘RECORDING’, and connect it to one of the preview windows so it toggles between its usual source and the “message layer” when the record button is pressed.
It is clunky but does the job for now.

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