Record Liveset

Is it possible to record all when having a live vj performance during the actual vj set performance?
So that I can go back and look at the whole set output that I did throughout 2 hours. So that I would have like a 2 hours movie afterwards.

Are you talking about using the built-in movie recorder plugin to capture everything?

Yes and with that answer I know there is one. Thanks!!!
Do you also know if I can split a 2d photographed picture of my own and make it into squares, cylinders… and get them to move around?

I am a happy beginner.

Thanks Anniak

You could use the canvas mapping tools to split images and separate them in the frame. I’d say, play with VDMX more and I think you’ll get all the answers to your questions, as well as, gain a more comprehensive view of how it all works, and how you’d like to piece it all together.

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