Recommended recording options from OBS for VDMX

Hello all,
I am recording hand drawn shapes from Affinity Photos into OBS which I want for an organic look for a Dance projection project. Black brush strokes on a white background.

Regarding all the available options provided by OBS to create a recording (see Images) what is the recommended “Container Format” and “Video Encoder” and Bit rate for ingestion into VDMX? As you can see from the attached image there are many options, some aren’t even viewable.

As you can see I’ve tried mov, and hevc_videotoolbox but I suspect that’s not optimal. And more importantly - it didn’t work.

Also is that Custom Output FFmpeg a good idea? Container format and type are all over my head.

Note : I’ll want to layer things.

Might as well add some more options from Container format…you know in case the first image didn’t provide enough options.
I await your wisdom with pasta’d breathe.

HAP is a good codec to use with VDMX. The file sizes will be larger, but it will take the load off your CPU while VDMX is using that for other things.

There’s an entire section in the VDMX manual dedicated to video codecs:

Thank you @ProjectileObjects unfortunately HAP is not an option from OBS, so I am asking: of the available encoders and containers as displayed from OBS what is recommended? I ask because during a real time performance, when I’m drawing, and capturing the drawing. I won’t be able to stop and run the video through a HAP converter. [I’m trying to prepare for a show where drawing is being captured in real time from a wacom tablet, into OBS and being sent to VDMX. So no time for HAP conversion.] Does that make sense?

Is ProRes an option?

Yes, there is prores

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i’m not totally tracking your workflow.

why are you going through obs to record app screen? isnt there an option to do that directly into vdmx?

i’m still on older version / intel cpu - but that version of vdmx also has movie recorder so you can record / add to bin on the fly.

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