Receive UDP from Max

Query: I’m trying to send OSC data from MaxMSP to VDMX. (Source data come in from an EEG sensor that gets parsed via OSC-Route then to a UDP Send.). I’ve looked at this link but I think it only addresses sending data out from VDMX. Using the OSCQuery Helper and MIDI OSCQuery Helper tools with Max — VDMX - MAC VJ SOFTWARE

I’d like to receive data into VDMX from UDP port. Is there a link someplace that discusses receiving UDP data - simply? Also is it possible to receive multiple OSCRoutes into to VDMX without UDP?

In the forums I see no “UDP” references…what am I missing?


Got it. I just needed to control click and choose OSC Detect. I was making it way more complicated with OSCQuery/Helper-> Unnecessary.

Lots of tips- OSC — Tutorials — VDMX - MAC VJ SOFTWARE

The simplest- Introduction to Connecting VDMX and Processing with Syphon and OSC — VDMX - MAC VJ SOFTWARE

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