Reactive Camera Visuals for Violin Soloist

On October 23 I used VDMX for an orchestra concert that featured a camera on violin solist:


  • Performer motion detection and highlighting with various effects.
  • Performer image keying and superimposition
  • Simulated lighting driven by performer motion and 4 channel audio inputs. (The amount of motion was derived using a custom Vuo plugin.) The lights are drawn by a custom shader.
  • Camera image pan, tilt, zoom, vignette, and shrink.
  • Performance-time controls of parameters via iPad (using TouchOSC)
  • MIDI controllable (from ProPresenter in this case.)
  • Simulated snow that falls in front of and behind performer using a custom shader.

Bravo! That was epic when she ‘became’ the aurora borealis, visible only as shifting lights. How did you do this?

Thanks, that’s produced with a combination of shaders:
Motion Heat Map to get the motion, color shifting, video feedback, and blur.

For anyone interested this happens at

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Excellent work! How did you control the color of the motion heat map?

Hi, the colors are specified in the shader .fs file, so tweaking them and saving a new shader with your own choices is easily done.