Re-naming New Text Layers

I’m making some titles for different songs from the band. I don’t quite get the behavior I want from cycling through each title as a separate Line End of the text layer, so I was planning to make a separate layer/source for each.

I can’t figure out how to rename the text layer so that in the Bin I can see proper preview of the title. Is there a way to do that so it doesn’t just display ‘New Text’ ?

I’m a pro with those text layers. If I were you, I’d keep trying to get this to work with one, and making that end of line work.

I don’t know of a way, outside of renaming each text layer QTZ composer patch to your phrase, ICK!

Another thing you can do is put your text in Powerpoint. Run Powerpoint full screen in a virtual screen, so you can get its transitions/text effects. Then in VDMX, pull this in as a Live Screen Input. Bonus points for configuring a Powerpoint remote presenter for forward/back! (because you can’t go forward/back in PPT unless you’re focused on the app, this gets kludgy too).

Also note there’s a few different text layer plugins. Try them all. Give a shout if you need any of the old ones that are probably retired/not included anymore (QTZ). I can send them to you.