Random Movie Start Time

Hi guys, is there a way to start movie clips at a random in-point every time they get triggered? Appreciate your help!

Ok, interesting idea, try this:

1.1. Add a Step Sequencer (increase the steps):
1.2. Change the columns to 16 (whatever)
1.3. Change the rows to 16 (whatever)
1.4. Step Sequencer / Rnd button = Key Detect [1] or MIDI button
2.1. Media Bin / Random clip button = Key Detect [1] or MIDI button
2.2. Select the Media Bin page with your clips
3.1. Load the first clip (Layer 1)
3.2. Add the Data Source “/Step Sequencer 1/Track 1” to the Layer 1 clip time slider

Now use Key [1] to trigger random clips and at the same time the playhead will move to a point determined by the Step Sequencer. The Step Sequencer is also randomised when Key [1] is pressed. Random clip, random start point.

Also play with adding “Movie Start Time” to your clips so that they remember the frame position when they were last ejected. You do this in the Workspace Inspector / Files / Source folder / [select all files] – tick the check box for “Movie Start Time”. Plus preload the clips in the Media Bin to help with load times.

Not the best solution but a starting point. You will know it works, when it works.


Thank you! That works. I totally forgot about that random function. Since the clips are triggered by the clock (16 bars) I set the step sequencer to one column and increased measures to make it last longer (or equal to) 16 bars to prevent the clip from hopping from one time to another while it plays. Great!

And, I set the threshold of the random button to 0.99 to load a new value a split moment before the new clip starts.