Random autoplay from bins + auto remove played media


Hello everyone,

Can any of you tell me how to set VDMX to play contents from different bins randomly and automatically? I would like to set up something like let’s say: VDMX plays 4 media files from bin 1 and after that it goes to bin 2 and play 3 files from there and so on… After playing these files automatically and in random mode, removes the played one from those bins as I don’t want to play them again. Hope you understand what I’m trying to say :) Thank you in advance.




Hey Andras,

This kind of logic / scripting sounds a bit outside of the scope of VDMX, but you might be able to do something like this using a Step Sequencer or Cue List plugin, having a one boolean (or momentary) data-source to ‘bang’ the random button (?) for each bin.
(eg bang the first bin four times, then the second, and so on…)

However, a few caveats…

  • This technique will not play clips to the end, the random trigger is running off its own clock
  • This technique will not automatically remove clips from a page; this is not really possible right now. The only way that clips are automatically removed from pages is if they are sync’d to a folder on disk, and files are moved from the folder.