RAM speed vs amount - opinions on my options


Hello all!
This is sorta techie and I’m just looking for opinions on my 2 available options for RAM configuration/processor and if maybe I should swap. It’s sorta a pain in the foot to do so that’s why some feedback would be great. All the parts are compatible and tested.

I’m running a Xeon v1 Hackintosh as my main VDMX machine right now. I am running 32g of 1600mhz ddr3 using 4 channels for the memory, 4x 8g. I have in an unused server with 2 x 32g 1366 mhz that is compatible with the machine; which would allow me double the RAM, albeit slower. Also it would be quadrupling the RAM per channel as well.

I tend to run Ableton and reason with VDMX and am currently happy with performance. I also sometimes run 1-2 Adobe apps with VDMX when not using the DAWs. Two different work flows. I still have overhead in both cases for syphon, OBS, OSCulator or other small random softwares.

Another curiosity is the processor - it’s a 4 core 8t 3.3 ghz. I also have an 8c 16t 2ghz Xeon.

So I have options on switching parts. I highly doubt going with double the cores at a slower clock (by 1.3ghz) would be very useful. But I could be wrong so that why I’m pondering it loudly here. Maybe VDMX handles multi thread like a champ- or running it with Live and Reason would benefit.

More, does the RAM swap I can do make sense to anyone? Double the ram, but slower, and running on half the channels.

Oh the GPU is an rx570 4g but I don’t think that’s very useful to this discussion.

Thanks for reading through!



From my experience more RAM is always better. I’m not sure how the speed will
Affect you.

It seems like an easy swap and try it scenario.



It depends on what you are doing. Generally speaking for video processing the GPU is going to get the most work. RAM is important if you’re doing a lot to fill it up, but if not, your CPU might be doing more work running a lot of FX or other applications alongside.

What’s your workflow / process like?