Quartz Composer player for Metal/Mseries

The folks at Boinx have released a Quartz Composer applications for Metal/M series macs.

It was posted on the facebook group so sharing here.

Hi folks, since QC is the core technology of mimoLive, we’ve had to come up with a replacement. Not wanting to throw away the thousands of Quartz Compositions, we decided we wanted a replacement that can open QCs pretty much as they are. So we developed mimoComposer. It’s based on Metal, so it will (eventually) run not only on Mac but all the Apple platforms. It’s current in beta.

If you want to take a look, here is how:

Download the current beta: https://cdn.boinx.com/…/mimoComposer-1.0b6-Boinx-(10573…

Get a free license: https://boinx.onfastspring.com/mimocomposer-free-monthly (it is a free subscription for the purpose of knowing who is using it)

Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/vHfnYg7Yeq

We’re also hosting a mimoComposer Getting Started lab on After Hours this Thursday (April 25th) at 11am PT. To join, sign up here: https://zoom.us/…/tJIocuqsqT8pHNHE6mRQ5gMvhUAwnAd5-I2s

(It will be in the mimoLive Lab breakout room)

Looking forward to hearing what you think.