Quartz Composer and Kinect - mojave os

Does quartz composer still exist for Mojave OS? I am trying to set up the kinect but can’t work out how to download QC, The apple website has the code listed as depreciated. I can’t find any info from googling either.

Thanks for your help

Hey Tara!

If you go to this URL and log in with your Apple developer ID,
You’ll want to look for “Additional Tools for Xcode”

For Mojave you can probably grab either the Xcode 10.2 or Xcode 11 versions of the downloads – not sure offhand if there is any difference, though Catalina users will definitely want to grab the latest release here.

Beyond that, Quartz Composer is officially deprecated as of macOS 10.15 – it still works for the most part, but eg movie playback does not work in QC in Catalina because it was never updated to use AVFoundation instead of QuickTime. You may want to look into using Vuo instead for future development.
(Apparently there is also an odd bug in 10.14 where 64-bit host apps like VDMX will run into an OS level crash when compositions with movies are loaded, but older 32-bit apps are fine)

note to self: compositions with movies… crash… I’m going to watch out for that one.

For info, I believe the latest Quartz Composer is 4.6.2 got mine from Xcode 10.1 while running High Sierra but so I think it must be the same version in the additional tools for Xcode 11 (correct me if I’m wrong).

I haven’t purchased Vuo, and so now I’m waiting for them to release the 2.0 community version.