Quality HAP converter for PC


What is the best way to convert to HAP now that adobes has pulled the license for AE 2017?

I’ve heard that after codecs or ffmpeg create lesser quality videos than the old quick-time 7 conversion done via after effects 2017.

I’m afraid to use Greg Bakker’s Alpha testing encoder as the videos are going to be used in a professional environment.

Is there anything for PC on the cards that might be produced directly by vidvox, or if a reliable release of an AE plugin or stand alone converter will be coming out soon?

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Just grab the AV Batch exporter.


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Forgot to mention that I need it for PC




If I am not mistaken, AfterCodecs uses FFmpeg behind the scenes for its HAP conversion, but I am not 100% sure and they may do other stuff in the process.

It isn’t yet available, but I know someone who is working on a HAP Codec for Windows Media Foundation – I’ll send off a quick email to check on the status of that.



Thanks David

I decided to do some research and a basic test. I found that After codecs have used FFmpeg to develop there own version of it call FFkroma. They have also improved the quality of the HAP conversion.

I tried out after codecs and did some tests comparing it to Quicktime conversion and FFmpeg (via Aftercodecs) and found that after codecs is just slightly worse than Quicktime, but noticeably better than FFmpeg, but the file size was significantly larger. The quality of Aftercodecs HAP Q conversion is comparable to Quicktime, but the file size was significantly smaller.

I’ll have to do more tests to see how much the file sizes will vary project to project.

here’s the test project file if anyone is interested in comparing the quality and files size (you’ll need AE 2017 or 2019 to open this file, AE 2018 doesn’t support HAP)