Python to VDMX

I’ve been trying to figure out how to connect some sliders\faders through UI inspector, to receive values from a python code.
from the internet research I’ve done I understood maybe OSC can be useful, yet still haven’t truly understood how it works with receiving data input into VDMX. do I need another external software\hardware?


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Hey Karin,

if you can send OSC messages you are almost there. There are good tutorials on OSC and the latest updates for OSC are very nice.


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As microfx mentioned, there are some tutorials to check out. If you are already at the point of being able to use OSC from the Python side, here are a few in particular that I think might be relevant / close enough for you.

Check out the VDMX docs for some of the explicit explanations behind what things in the UI Inspector do,

Here are two tutorials that go through connecting VDMX to coding environments using OSC (for data) and Syphon (for video)… the same basic idea can be used for working with Processing.

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