Projection mapping techniques?


Hi. I bought VDMX and was surprised by its limited options for projection mapping (in an otherwise great program!). I’m wondering what some preferred techniques are for projection mapping in VDMX, and whether there are any useful links? I haven’t seen much out there. I’ve just been using simple Shape masks but I imagine there are better ways to map/get more layers and more complex masks?



Hi @epignosis567

I used VDMX in combination with Madmapper. VDMX has never been a projection mapping software just as Madmapper has never been a “live performance mixing” software. This is one reason why some chose Resolume Arena over VDMX, but that has some major downsides especially when it comes to flexibility and affordability. VDMX is modular, so build out what you need and pair it with any other mapping software. If you have access to After Effects, you can use AEsyphon to create a mask shape/layer through your screen output. Export that and use it in VDMX to mask out something more complex.

A free mapping alternative to pair with VDMX is called VPT. Mapio and a few others are out there, but over all I think Madmapper has the best (still evolving) feature set. It’s also owned by Garagecube which makes Modul8 and also has no built in Mapping Features.



Thanks. I’ll check out the free options I just don’t have more money to spend on mapping software and was hoping people had found some creative work arounds.



mapmap is free:

Digital Pressworks has a free version:



2d mapping is totally possible in VDMX, it just involves a slightly complicated hierarchy of nested layers and various masking techniques. I’ve been meaning to do a case study / tutorial on this method which I use in my work all the time. Here’s a screenshot from one of the more complex examples :