Project Preset - problem when restoring old Presets


So a while back I stopped using Project presets as there were to difficult to use when you change something in your master project.

I started using them again as was coming up with some cool snapshots I should save. This week was working and realized that there were some changes I had to make regarding some of my Recievers and senders. Update those and save my project. Then later in the night I load one of my presets from the week before and yup those new assignments get lost.

Yeah I know about the preset restore options.
I could disable restoring of the FX on the group layer I know I made the changes. But then the settings / state of those FX won’t get restored.
I don’t see a way / setting to be able to not change the receivers and senders .

Anyone have any ideas on how to work this?
Using local presets or UI Item presets and set
Them to restore values only and not change senders / recievers?

Or do the same with a FX chain preset?

I’ve gotten frustrated with it and have now explored parse the VDMX project file and I’m able to extra the Presets and snapshot data.
It would take some work into moving this into a program that will allow editing / changing / copying data over as the number of items is quite deep. Who would be interested in such a thing?

Tomorrow I will make another post showing some of the results of what I’ve found.


VDMX Project Preset Snapshot INFO