Project and preset empty

So I was prepping for a broadcast yesterday. Everything was fine. Shut the machine.

This morning as I’m setting up I launch VDMX and open the last project and the interface is empty. Not Effects, not Previews No Step Sequence, Audio Analysis, etc etc.

All my clips are in the bins tho. None of them will trigger tho.

Any ideas?

Very odd. Rebooted the machine are all is back.

OK I think I have this figured out. Will test the thinking over the weekend but this is my current theory.

I have an external GPU that is not always connected. Seems that if I boot the machine, then connect the eGPU when I then launch VDMX it fails to load correctly. If I reboot with the eGPU connected it seems fine.

Will test over the weekend and report back.

Cool, if it’s a reproducable issue; reach out to vdmx support and see if you can send them a bug report. Thanks