Preview a different preset from the output


Hello you all.

I’m quite new to VDMX, so I’m still trying to understand some of the possibilities of the software… I hope it’s not a stupid question!

I’m now working on the creation of a performance in which we will have different cameras on the stage, filming the actors and the situations. The images will be modified live, adding some simple effects, and the result will be projected on a screen on the stage in real time.

For each scene we will use different effects, using different layers/cameras at the same time. I was planning to create a new preset for each scene, that can be triggered at the right time.

The tricky thing is that some of the cameras will be moved during the performance, so some of the effects will need to be “fine tuned” live, before being projected (for example, if in scene 3 I will combine 2 different objects into a single one, we will need to slightly correct the position/crop of the layers according to the position of the camera, while scene 2 is still happening.)

I’d like to know if it’s possible to preview a preset and correct it while another one is being used in the output. Or would anyone have a better idea of how to do it?

In advance, thank you sooo much for the help!




you can add a “preview” plug in and select what is the source for it

but I don’t think you can do what you are talking about :confused:
Maybe someone else will have a genius solution