Prepping layout to arrive at a gig with new screen dimensions

is there a trick i’m missing to kinda get all of the windows to show up or self-center? i did a gig on a new screen setup and a bunch of my windows were either off the screen or right at the edge, and it took a bunch of time to resize resolutions and move stuff around to get it all working. i know the option drag kinda shortcuts… even if i hit the up arrow icon thing in workspace inspector that flashes a window, some of those were off screen. if not such a trick, what’s a reliable way to prep and save my main project?
back on my normal setup, i can’t seem to do anything to get my control surface window to show up… when i click the up arrow window flasher icon thingy (highlighted in workspace inspector) nothing happens on any of my windows


Two useful tricks with windows in general:

  • Hold the cmd key when clicking / dragging on a window to moving all of the windows ‘snapped’ to the bottom of the window.
  • Hold the option key clicking / dragging on a window to move all of the windows ‘snapped’ to the all sides of the window.

Beyond that, VDMX should automatically try to move any windows that are not visible on any screen on to your main monitor. Feel free to send us a bug report with specific steps we can follow to recreate your situation and we can have a closer look into it!

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