[Poll] Should we make a VIDVOX Discord?

Should we create a VIDVOX discord for all things VJ and VDMX?

Would you benefit from it?

We’d like to hear your thoughts!

  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks -

I think a discord would be a great idea.

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I’d add my vote, even though I really don’t need anymore Discords :joy: - this is the way we are communicating these days and can be a fresh start in terms of how to organise the information / dialogue.

Much prefer this forum style as makes things much easier to search and see a thread of information. Feel a lot of useful things can get lost in the discord as things end up getting split across multiple channels.

If you don’t log into discord every day you can end up spending ages scrolling back to see if you missed anything of interest whereas with the forum its easy to see what happened since you last visited.


Seconding Destroythings. I appreciate the idea and initiative (and asking us), I personally have found that forums are over time a lot better as repositories of knowledge and problem-solving conversation.

I have some software that has both, a forum and a Discord, it is always confusing where to go for what.

My 2 cents ;)


I voted yes because new users are more likely to be using platforms like Discord. But I also agree with Destroythings point. Maybe VIDVOX should have a presence on Discord for key announcements, tutorial and artist profile links. That way the usage could be measured to see if younger/new users prefer Discord over a forum.

I agree with the above points :slight_smile:

I think having a forum is a great way to find specific posts and helps when solving problems that others have run into. I wouldn’t want to see the forum go away entirely. Maybe try starting a Discord server and see what the engagement is like on there. But then again …

A agree with everything everyone’s said too: Discord is great for community and sharing what people are up to – so I’d be for it as a way to see what people are up to. But its search isn’t as good as something like this for being a durable record of answers. Also, I’m very active on 2 servers, and fall behind on all the others.


No, but I also absolutely despise Discord and will never use it so I’m obviously strongly biased.

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I’m a no, simply because 3rd party apps shouldn’t be where we put archival info. Yes, there’s a “Discord web server”, but if Discord disappears (as it will), we don’t want to lose all the knowledge. Ever search for “… how do I do X in VDMX” and found an old web page with instructions? That would go away/be beholden to Discord’s indexing. Not great.

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