Please tell me about the mov codec


The question is,
I rendered a video with a .mov codec
with an alpha channel in AfterEffect,
but when I try to load it into the media bin of VDMX,
it is passed through.
If anyone knows the cause,
please let me know!
thank you!



Hi Rick,

Can you share you clip and/or after effect export settings?

Which codec are you using?

When you say passed through, do you mean the entire clip is skipped or transparent?




Thank you for your reply! It may be difficult to understand in Japanese, but can you understand this?

And passthrough is a symptom of not seeing the .mov file when I try to put it in the media bin! The search field is not used either …



:) Sorry, I cannot read Japanese. Are you saying you are unable to export a video file?

If you are able to export a file can you share it on here for me to look at? I can check out the codec info.

Maybe use a, WeTransfer, or Google Drive account that we can access.




Thank you for your reply. The output from AfterEffect is ready! We will share the file, so please check it. thank you!



That’s an Animation Codec. What you’ll want to do is export with Hap Q Alpha out of After Effects. has released a HAP codec installer package to support Adobe applications.

I’m not sure if it’s compatable with the lastest 2022 versions of CC suite.

After you install the codec package you’ll be able to export HAP directly out of Premiere, Media Encoder, and After Effects.



The “.mov” is a file type. It is not a codec.

A “.mov” file can be printed with many different codec types. It is a kind of container for the codec types. The file extension does not indicate the codec type. It is not like still image file extensions jpg, png, tiff, which all have file extensions that indicate codec.

I am just adding this information in case it is unclear. It seems to be a misunderstanding within the original post. I have tried to write this so that auto translate to Japanese will work good.

Definitely try doing what has been described by ProjectileObjects above.