Please help! The File Inspector and File Attributes are not saving. Clips reverting to Later Settings and ignoring custom settings

This issue exist with the File Inspector and File Attributes

I have loaded up a bunch of clips into bins and have started customizing each clip with regards to Movie Start and End. I see that in this menu for the composition of the specific file, I can change X and Y positioning as well as Height and Width. I am setting these and applying, but after ejecting the clip or even closing/reopening the project, these clips revert to their original positioning and size. Is there any way to get VDMX to remember these specifics per file? I see that I can adjust the Layers composition settings with regards to X/Y and Height/Width, but I do not need these changes to happen at the Layer level, I need these on the file level.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated with this!!!

I’m having a similar issue and have posted in the forum and opened a bug report.


Just a note here, I sent this as part of the reply to the email you had sent in, but recorded this quick video of what it sounded like you were describing and it seemed to work as expected. Hopefully turns out to be a misunderstanding of one of the details!

Shout out to knox_harrington for helping me narrow this down a bit more – it looks like this works as expected until you reinspect a file, at which point a few of the settings in the composition tab of the inspector reset to their initial values. Looking into fixing this for the next update! :grimacing:


I’m having exactly this issue, specifically with custom FX chains! I hadn’t filed a bug report because I’d wondered if I was doing something wrong. But if it’s happening to other people…
I often make ISF files in the media bin, and use the Workplace Inspector->Files tab to customize the ISF settings and apply a custom FX chain, so I can trigger the ISF with my chosen FX chain in performance.
But if I ever again try to look at it again with the Files tab, it loses the FX chain (and sometimes loses it even when I don’t).
A fix for this would be very welcome!

I also have windows not saving position … but also was afraid to file a bug report…

Please send us a bug report!

If possible, please send us specific steps, or a short video, that shows off exact steps we can follow to recreate the issue!