Playing back a single clip multiple times

Hi, I’m using a Mac Mini M1.
I have a 21 minute video that I need to play back 9 times, simultaniously, each one starting from a different time position.
I have found that using time slider presets gives me this funcationality.
My main question is… whats the best CODEC for this? HAP, H264… or something else?
I think the M1 has hardware decoding of the H264, so maybe this is an advantage??
Thanks in advance.


HAP or Prores. I’d advise against H.264 for something like this.

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thanks. will try that.
do you think it would be best to play the same single file 9 times, or duplicate the file, so I’m playing 9 files?

The word from the mastermind DL is:

Ideally they’d have one layer playing the video and the others using that main layer as their source!

Presuming they want the same frame time for all of them…

Otherwise, it is fine to reuse the same source file

Less drive space!