Pioneer CDJ DJ Link Bridge


This is interesting, Resolume have just added the pioneer DJ Link Bridge to Avenue / Arena. From the CDJ it allows you to trigger video clips.

Here’s the blurb from the website “ PRO DJ LINK Bridge is an application that enables you to synchronize lighting, video displays and pyrotechnics with audio played on our professional DJ set-up when using certified products from licensed companies.”

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This makes sense. I’ll add it to the featured requests!



I’m just on a project where I need to sync from the Pioneer cdj 3000



Based on what I read. Resolume says if the Pioneer plays a track (example name), and there’s a video with (example name), then it will automatically trigger the video. Can anyone else elaborate on what other features go into this?



I will see if I can have a play, I’m at Point Blank in LDN and they might have the right CDJs



I think for VDMX capturing and remapping the data would be the key. Then you could use the data source to trigger specific (same name) clips, FX chains or presets.



This feels like it could help reduce complexity in bigger shows and also allow hybrid DJs easily integrate VFX



+1 for this, could be a really interacting option of doing some light weight timecode based shows with out having to get venues to install our own cat 5 / XLR lines for TC if they are using show control / bridge

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