Photo player

I have a bunch of logos in jpg. and png that i want to playback in a rapid manner over a background video layer.

I am not sure how to set that up in the media bin to play all the images at something like 125fps
and on another background layer have video ?

I feel like i have seen something posted about this but could not find it.

That sounds super interesting. Is there a specific reason why you need speeds like 125fps? It would be fascinating to see how that resolves on a 60fps output and/or whatever refresh rate is on your video equipment!

Here’s one approach. I hope it will help you find something that works for your project. For your Logos layer:

  • Add an LFO plugin.
  • Go to the Media Bin workspace inspector > Control tab > Connect “Trigger by Float” to your LFO’s Ramp waveform. The media bin should start flipping through your logos now.
  • Play with the LFO’s Rate slider and/or the number of measures (edit the number to the right of “M:”) to get the speed where you want it.
  • You might need to turn on “Preload media” (Media Bin inspector > Options tab)?

Hrm, a few notes…

I might suggest instead of using an image sequence, create a single movie file that is encoded in HAP (or HAP Alpha) that is whatever fps you want. The VDMX movie player will automatically serve up frames at whatever the proper output frame rate it should be for actual display and you’ll have control over rate in a way that makes more sense than using the media bin.
(and you can do interesting things with having the time slider driven by data-sources while the movie is paused)

If you do need to go with images, two notes:

  • Most data-sources within VDMX update in along with the output refresh so that we get smoother sync, particularly eg when using data to drive positions / sizes / other visual properties. As such, if you want to drive triggering faster than this, you would need to use an external data-source like a custom OSC app that was sending messages at twice the speed. Even then, since the output in VDMX is sync’d with your displays, which are likely at most 60 fps, you are properly just skipping over images if you do this.
  • When it comes to rapid triggering of image files, you’ll get the best results if you preload things, and make sure that they are the same resolution – it isn’t a huge hit, but at those frame rates it is an optimization you may want to take into account. Again, my movie suggestion here.
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